Le Klub des loosers sort (déjà) un nouvel album

Alors autant on a poireauté entre le premier et le deuxième autant le troisième se pointe comme un wagon derrière la locomotive. À paraitre le 13 mai, « Last Days » a le nom d'un film qui existe déjà mais met en musique une oeuvre imaginaire. Plus de précisions de la part de Fuzati himself.

Dans un communiqué, Fuzati (qui vise apparemment l'international à présent) explique en anglais : 

"At the beginning of year 2006, i realized it would be very difficult to keep on creating music as I had projected to and to make a living out of it. This is why I found a day job and decided to make music at nights and weekends.

At the start, it was difficult.  Once at homne, after 8 hours of work 8 & 2 hours of transport, I was, most of the time, too tired to turn my machines on. Worried about realizing my time was less and less dedicated to music, I developed a sort of obsession, creating each night a new track. Though every night I recorded frenetically, drinking too rnuch alcohol and abusing of different kind of "substances". I kept this rhythm about 2 years before I started to suffer frorn serious cardiac troubles. 'Last Days’ is one oft he albums I recorded during this period of intensive work.

This is also one of my dearest. Probably because largely inspired from my own life.


Intriguant non ?