Parce que l’homme (ou la femme, hein) moderne n’a plus le temps d’écouter un mix dans toute sa longueur, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs s’adapte à ses besoins et lui propose pas moins de 23 titres en cinq minutes.

Dynasty — Adventures In The Land Of Music
Dr. Dre — Xxplosive
Shabba Ranks — Pum Pum Shorts
Gwen McCrae — All This Love That Im Giving
Grace Jones — Pull Up To The Bumper [Larry Levan Remix]
Maurice Joshua — This Is Acid
Pro Green — Monster [T.E.E.D remix]
Untitled — Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Garden
Débruit — Nigeria What
Chaka Khan — I Feel For You
Lil Silva — Pulse vs Flex
Untitled — David Sugar – Oi New York, This Is London (Hotchip Vs Ragga Twins Remix)
Smith & Mighty — B line fi Blo
Jameson & Viper — Urban Hero
Untitled — Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Blood Pressure
2 Bad Mice — 2 Bad Mice
Dead Dred — Dred Bass
Top Cat — Sess A Weh Yu Want
Wots My Code — Dubplate
Leviticus — Burial
Dom & Roland — Punish Me
DJ C — Billy Jungle
Alternate — Infiltrate 20

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