Wax Poetics : Roger Troutman (Zapp) et Booker T

Le 35ème numéro de la revue Wax Poetics vient de sortir. Au programme : Roger Troutman, légende de Zapp, Booker T Jones, Joe Cuba, Glass Candy, Lord Finesse, Byron Lee et quelques autres articles incroyables.

Willie and the Bumblebees, the Joe Cuba Sextet, Jerry Moore, Kip Hanrahan, Alfredo Gutierrez y Los Caporales Del Mangdalena

Shaolin Soul
El Michels Affair channels the Wu-Tang Clan’s ruckus

Gravitational Pull
U.K.’s Broken Keys forged a funky core of heavy sounds

Organic Synthesis
STS9 integrates the power of the computer into its live instrumentation

The Hard Way
Glass Candy fights to shatter disco’s stereotypes

Daily Operation
Lord Finesse is on a habitual quest for musical knowledge

Natural Groove
Ralph MacDonald put his artistic touch on classic soul and jazz sides

Soul Current
Organist and Memphis Native Booker T. Jones was the life force of the Stax Sound

Dynamic Dragon
Musician Byron Lee’s renowned studio lit a fire under Jamaica’s music scene

Cold Fusion
The Mahavishnu Orchestra broke new ground despite icy relationships

Dusty Fingers
Dust Brother E.Z. Mike Simpson pulls endless possibilites from a funky past

Heavy Rhymes
Rapper Def Jef weighed in with a conscious voice

Golden Throat
Roger Troutman’s talk box sings the Human Body electric

Analog Out
Talk Box

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