Nouveau Wax Poetics de décembre – Janvier : Sly Stone et Jimmy Cliff

Nouvel livraison étincelante du magazine new-yorkais, toujours aussi fouillé, le numéro 32 de Wax Poetics est disponible avec Sly Stone et Jimmy Cliff en couverture. Au menu on se régale des articles et zooms proposés autour du rap de Houston, Jean Grae, Terry Lynn, Egyptian Lover & Arabian Prince, Ahmad Jamal ou Vincent Chin et Randy’s.

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Le sommaire complet de ce numéro 32:

Hildegard Knef, Purple Image, Clive Smith and Brenda Hutchinson, Alton McClain and Destiny, Odyssey Five

Earl Palmer, Norman Whitfield, Jerry Wexler, Alton Ellis

Houston Rennaissance
H-Town rappers HISD initiate a Lone Star rebirth

Poetic Justice
Jean Grae’s daring wordplay propelled her to hip-hop’s forefront

Electro Shock
Terry Lynn upends traditional reggae with charged Kingston commentary

The Fifth Element
Cey Adams established the visual constituent of the hip-hop nation

The Producer’s Producer
Large Professor laid the groundwork for a generation of beatmakers

Breaking Free
Filmmaker Jamaa Fanaka escaped the confines of blaxploitation

Machine Funk
Egyptian Lover and Arabian Prince electrified hip-hop in the ’80s

There’s a Riot Goin’ On
An excerpt from I Want to Take You Higher — The Life and Times of Sly and the Family Stone published by Backbeat Books

Island Ambassador
Jimmy Cliff reached global audiences without toeing the line

Gold Standard
Pianist Ahmad Jamal charted a new popularity for jazz

Seoul Power
The South Korean B-Boy Cipher

Maker’s Mark
Vincent Chin’s Randy’s Records shapped reggae’s legacy

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