Max Cooper with Tom Hodge : Von Der Klippe Fallen

Revoila Cooper avec le pianiste Tom Hodge pour un titre supposé représenter une balade bucolique de dimanche ensoleillé.

Max vous en dit lui-même un peu plus sur le projet :

« This track is about having a walk on a nice sunny day in the countryside, all is well and good, until you accidentally fall off a cliff. We chose the title in Deutsch due to the kick focused poundingness rhythmically.

It was a fun track as I decided I’d let loose, and you might notice, particularly towards the end it gets pretty loose! But luckily Tom’s beautiful 5 bar piano riff is there to anchor things at either end, and hopefully save you from the death by cliff (you might notice it’s a pain to mix with those 5 bar loops though).

So a bit of background – Tom Hodge is a great pianist and composer who I met recently, and we’ve been working on lots of interesting things. This is the most extreme in terms of the noise levels really, we’ve done some nice stuff too, as we’re not planning on starting a death metal band just yet.

Lot’s more to hear from this collaboration with the release out on Monday 28th on Fields + an amazing remix from Petrels of the A-side track (Fragments of Self) + an amazing video for the A-side by Nick Cobby, which we’re all really excited about!« 

Vous savez tout.

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