Sigha & Shifted – Coping Mechanisms

Le 5 avril, Sigha et Shifted seront en B2B à la Fabric. Ça va fatalement être grand et c’est pour ça que les anciens colocs de Berlin ont eu la douce idée de teaser le bout de gras avec ne mixtape. Sigha vend d’ailleurs la chose ainsi :

« We wanted to do something a little different from last years ‘Our Eternal Destination’, so we thought we’d use this as an opportunity to show case some of the music that helps us get by on a daily basis and provides a source of inspiration for the projects we’re both involved with. It’s fairly varied, but then so are our music tastes« .


Coil – At The Heart Of It All
Pan Sonic – Fermi
Talvin Singh – Vikram The Vampire (Plastikman’s South Of Detroit Mix)
Robert Rental – Untitled
The Cosmetics – Soft Skin
Twilight Ritual – Tears On The Wall
Vega, Vainio, Vaisanen – Black Crucifix
Front 242 – Headhunter
Throbbing Gristle – Ab_7A
Drexciya – Compactification