RICARDO TOBAR : Podcast fot Infiné

Impressionné par son boulot chez In Paradisum et Desire (on le comprend), Infiné vient de commander soixante minutes de mix à Ricardo Tobar. Ça n’annonce pas de collaboration entre le producteur et le label mais ce dernier explique ici le pourquoi de sa démarche :

« InFiné likes South America – more precisely the psychedelic effects that most South American artists inject in their music. This mixed feeling of distorted happiness and hypnotic reality has certainly something to do with their ancient shamanic heritage. Most French people like that feeling as well. I would bet that this is a part of our disturbed relationship with our “glorious” past history. We are just particularly sensitive to the charms of the “lost paradise”. But enough of dubious theories… »

Un mix halluciné qui devrait vous faire voir trouble pendant une petite heure.