Mad Mongos / Hot potatoes MIX Vol 2

Aller on se lâche cette semaine avec un gros Mix multi-genre, Hot potatoes Vol 2., mix de l’anglais Mad Mongos, collectionneur de raretés, qui nous balance une pelletée de jazzeries, funk, soul, brasilian tunes et quelques roots qui ne paient pas de mine. Que des trucs obscurs en général, mais vraiment dancefloor. Le tracklisting détaillé est derrière.

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Greg Perry – Come on down – 75 – Casablanca Records (One For The Road)
Strings galore from Mr Perry. A real dancer. Funky soulful and full of heart. One of only two albums from Greg. The other being "Smokin on RCA 1977. I need to track it down and have a listen.

Gary Toms Empire – Love me right – 75 – Epic (7654321 Blow your whistle)
Good old fashion funk from Gary Toms Empire. Bought this when I was about 15 and it really got me in to the funkier side of things. A little cheesy nowadays but I still love the cover. The whole band on stage with lightning clashing above them. Listening back now I think "Love me right" which I have included here is my favourite.

Julie Driscoll & Brain Auger – Break it up – 68 – ATCO (Open)
This is a killer tune. Been really blasting this of late. A right out there freak out tune.
Wicked drumming. Pure 60’s groover. Play LOUD!!!!

Prodigal Creator – Life part 2 – 78 – Ballistic (Ballistic Sureshots)
Also known as Lord Creator. Wicked rhythm not unlike The Jolly Brothers Conscious Man but this is also produced by the mighty Lee Perry so that’s not strange. Its the dub of "Such is Life"

Assagai – Kinzambi – 71 – Sounds Superb – (Afrorock)
Heavy raw afro funk. Watch out for the percussion its almighty. Was so freak out when I brought this as a nipper from Wimbourne Market for 20p. Oh they were the days LOL.

Root & Jenny Jackson – So far away – 70 – Beacon – 7"
British Ike and Tina Turner from Leeds? Reggae Folk Soul. Raw heavy stuff. And usually a cheapy to pick up.

Negril – Light House – 75 – Klik records – (Negril)
Bizarre mix of reggae and jazz artists. Negril features – Family Man and Peter Tosh from the Wailers – Cedric Brooks and Joe Higgs plus two CTI record stars – Richard Tee and Eric Gale. Some work others don’t. Light House starts spectacularly but goes off a little at times but redeems itself for the finale. Great album artwork.

Almighty – Mackarus Serenade – JGM (Almighty Chapter 2)
A monster Synth moog showdown from the master producer Joe Gibbs. From the second in the series of Almighty Chapters. I think they got to 5. Please shout me if they did more.

Norrie Paramor & his orchestra – Ironside – 74 – Contour (Law Beat)
I do like a good cheesy soundtrack cover. And Ironside is big and fat and funky. Love the siren’s at the start. Still the "3 days of the Condor" on the Big Terror lp is probably one of the best soundtrack cover tunes.

Jack Dankworth – Holloway House – 69 – Fontana – (Off Duty)
I don’t know much about Jack Dankworth. I think he is British and keyboard player and conductor. Holloway House is a fantastic tune, great funky sounds, goes a little cheesy at times but if it didn’t this wouldn’t be out of place on a Dusty Fingers comp me thinks.

James Last – I can’t move no mountain – 75 – Polydor (Well kept secret)
Wicked tune from one of James Last best albums IMHO. Very funky throughout. But this one is the best on there. Demented synths a bit of scat singing, lots of boogie soul and strings. What more could you ask for.

Commodores – Rise up – ? (pre Motown) – Perfect records (Rise up)
Brought this lp along time ago. And have never known anything about it. This released vinyl is from Germany’s Perfect records label. But it has no date for when the recordings where done. Pre Motown i think. The album is mainly cover versions but Rise up is an original track written by producer Jerry Williams.

Michel Legrand – La Piscine – 77 Springboard (Beautifully yours)
Wicked piece of groovy music from this talented French musical composer, arranger, conductor, and pianist.

Nancy Wilson – River shallow – Capitol Records (The right to love)
Such a beautiful album. I could picked many tunes from this recording. Such an unbelievable amazing voice. Simply stunning lp.

The Peddlers – Time after time – 67 – CBS (Freewheelers)
Amazing Jazz folk soul from The Peddlers. Roy Phillips was born in my home town of Parkstone Poole. Time after time is a great show piece of their style but it’s "Suite London" recorded with the London Philharmonic Orchestra which is the album to get. A true master piece. Loads of info on this great band can be found here . Wicked site.

The Presidents – You Cheated on me – 71 – Sussex (5-10-15-20-25-30 years of love)
Stupidly great drumming on this track from The Presidents. Another sublime soul dancer

Meirelles e Sua Orquestra – Na Baixa do Sapateiro 74? EMI (Brazilian Explosion)
Synthesizer CRAZY, very funky fun tune. Also Sprach Zarathustra style. Did Deodato have anything to with this recording?

The Spinners – Now that we’re together – 76 – Atlantic (Happiness is being with the)
Well I know they are cheesy but this is a great feel good tune with many vocal talents. Brings a smile to your face.

The Gimmicks – Goin out of my head – 70 – Decca – (Brazilian Samba)
Swedish easy listening gone mad!!!! Quite a sort after album from the Gimmicks. Especially for Roda a sure fire Brazilian classic. But I have always loved "Goin out of my head". Not sure if they recorded any more material?

Rupie Edwards All Stars – Free up da weed dub – 76 – Cactus – (Jamaica Serenade)
Massive tune when I was a stoner in my teens. Not sure why LOL. Wicked killer synth and mellow miniamal groove. A classic.

Roland Kirk – Why Don’t they know – 67 – Verve (Now please don’t you cry, beautiful Edith)
Beautiful jazz from Mr Kirk a truly remarkable musician. Lovely sweet picture photo on the cover. His wife, Edith maybe? I don’t know but there’s a real passion there.

Dudley Moore Trio – Poova Nova – 70 – Decca (The world of)
Makes me laugh every time I pull this lp out the racks and I see his big face on the cover. Man he was funny with Peter Cook but man can he play. I only have this album and very much need to track down his other recordings.

      Mad Mongos / Hot potatoes MIX Vol 2