Notre MC préféré du moment nous propose en exclu sa playlist, ou plutôt sa fan list, soit les artistes, MCs, beatmakers, groupes…qui l’ont marqué, motivé, transcendé, ému… avec les raisons motivés de ses choix. De Snoop à Com Flow en passant par High Tone, Warp, 2 Live Crew ou les sud-africains de Cashless Society. On le remercie, en espérant que les concernés seront attentifs à son message…

Note : Sayyid, Priest, Beans : Please hook up wit’ This dready cat! Finest MCs on one mission?

Son : Ben Sharpa : Hegemony

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Vidéo : Ben Sharpa : Hegemony

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This is a playlist of some of the artists I am listening to and would be keen to work with at the moment. The list is much longer, but this is just to name a few. This is not in any order of preference either.

The Roots – I have been listening to these guys for years and Black Thought is one of my favorite mcs in the world! I think they have mastered the ‘live band meets digital’ element of Hip Hop. And besides they are great all-round musicians!

KRS One – Hip Hop Himself. This man has almost single handedly preserved the true essence of Hip Hop as a medium of meaningful expressoion, and for that I am grateful and proud to tell anyone that I am a follower. The Temple of Hip Hop was founded by KRS and is getting stronger by the day! I really love his work.

A Tribe Called Quest – these guys taught me a lot about style and ‘flava’ in rhyming. Also they came with the Fope sound and inspired me to start writing in ’93. This is one of my all time favcorite groups.

Wu Tang Clan – Aint Nothin’ To F*#k With! Nuff Said…

Freestyle Fellowship/Project Blowed – they taught me the importance of mastering your freestyle rhyming and free-prose writing. They taught me so much about cadence and being an ‘instrument’ of the beat rather than just a voice on a track. Amazing crew – and they are still at it after 20 years!

High Tone – the illest French sound system crew that I know. They are very talented and their style of beats just gets my creative juices flowing everytime!

Milanese – I think Milanese is one of the best producers out there right now – in any genre! He will kill you with nerve-wrecking bass while soothing your ear with harmonic and ambiance-type sound samples! A creative genius, that Milanese!

Company Flow – since ’97 these guys have rocked my world and completely stretched my own view of reality. They helped me to express so many things which were previously very difficult to explain. They had and still have a big impact on my life, and I sould love to work with them one day!

Redman – Redman is probably my favorite mc of the ‘90s era. He is like the Carlos Santana of Hip Hop. The Jimmy Hendrix of funk. The George Clinton of our time. I love his creativity and his odd use of words, while still keeping it street. He is very entertaining and has high energy levels.

Luke Skywalker and 2 Live Crew – because they taught me how to say “F*#k It!”, and just get nasty with my shit! Lol.

NWA – they remind me of a time when the industry hated us, unlike today where you have to climb into a sealed titanium box just to get away from Gangsta Rap! FTP.

Snoop Doggy Dogg – he is like the Godfather of Cool. This cat did what most of us could only dream of, and he does his thing exactly the way he wants to. I like the face that he has a legal (medical) license to smoke weed too (damn I need to get me one of those!)

Pete Rock and CL Smooth – this was one of the best combos Hip Hop has ever seen. I think I will bump Pete Rock until I die!

Foreign Beggars – one of the most talented and diverse rap groups I ever heard come out of the UK. Their ability to switch flows and styles at will is beyond reproach and I think everyone should watch these boys closely – they are going place! Oh, they are really nice cats as well.

Wordsworth – Words is the only mc I know that not only completed his University Exams in rhyme form, but also inspired a University to add the art or rhyming as part of the University syllabus. This is a great feat and I think Wordsworth is a king for it. He has also done so much work in the Hip Hop World that I cant begin to elaborate. He is an Ill freestyle artist and songwriter – and he doesn’t need to curse to get his point across.

Cashless Society – South African based Cashless Society is a legendary crew in SA and also very good friends of mine. They are very talented and one of the first SA Underground Hip Hop crews to release anything on vinyl out here. So big respect to Cashless.

Last Days Fam – A brilliant SA Hip Hop crew that is making waves now. They are Real, poetically astute and very true to their word. I like their vibe and think they have a healthy career ahead of them.

Anti-Pop Consotium – probably my favorite fringe group in the World! I think these guys are musical and creative geniuses. The way they use words and thought-forms to build and destroy images is utterly amazing. I hope they keep making music until Im 80 years old! Anti-Pop: I NEED TO COLLABO WITH YOU FELLAS!!!

That’s about it for now – like I said there are plenty more but these ones stick out the most right now.

Peace. Sharpaganda