Playlist de la redaction 90BPM Mai 2006

01. Aceyalone "Grand Imperial" (Decon)
02. Dabrye ft. MF Doom "Air" (Hefty)
03. Fresh Air "30’s Somethings Live" Jazz Liberatorz Remix (Mic Life)
04. Exile ft. MED "Notch" (Sound in Color)
05. The Coup "ShoYoAss" (Epitaph)
06. Mr Lif "Brothaz" (Def Jux)
07. Ammoncontact ft. Prince Po, Yusef Lateef & Dwight Trible "Beautiful" (Ninja Tune)
08. The Strange Fruit Project "Up Jump Da Boogie" (Black Son Records)
09. Gnarls Barkley "Go-Go Gadget Gospel" (Downtown Records)
10. Project Polaroid ft. Prince Po "Mechanical Mechanix" (Threshold)